Top Quality Horse Feeds Straight from our UFAS Accredited Mill

Top Quality Horse Feeds

At Castle Horse Feeds we offer our customers the very best quality at the very best prices. At our UFAS accredited mill at Hay-on-Wye, we have been producing market leading feeds for years, and our commitment to our brand quality and high levels of customer service have always been apparent in all we do. We are fiercely determined to offer our valued customers a level of quality and service which they would struggle to find elsewhere.

We are pleased to offer our range of feeds which are produced from the highest quality ingredients. We are also delighted to have been able to give our entire range of foods a "Non GM" stamp of approval. We are sure that you will be delighted with the Castle range of Horse Feeds and we look forward to enjoying your custom both now and in the future.

Castle Horse Feeds

A Guide to a Healthy Horse

A Guide to a Healthy Horse

The appearance of a healthy horse is unmistakable, the state of health is apparent through it's condition, temperature, pulse and respiration:

  • Eyes should be bright and the horse alert.
  • The coat should be bright and skin should be supple and easily "pinched".
  • Limbs should be cool and free from swelling.